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Whether you are looking for a coffee replacement, a boost in your workout, or motivation to get through a long workday, try these strains for the optimal energizing effect.
While some strains can give you energy, others can help you relax. This is what’s amazing about kratom–you can get the best of both worlds! Experience tranquility with these amazing strains.
If you’re looking for a nice balance of body & mind, try our full spectrum strains. They’ll give you the perfect medium of clarity and relief that you are seeking.

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Green Vein Kratom

Low energy levels are a thing of the past. It’s time to take the wellness of your life into your own hands with Happy Go Leafy Green Vein Kratom. We craft our product in tune with your natural vitality and mental clarity so that you can stimulate your body and mind and experience a lasting sense of enthusiasm and vibrancy. 

White Vein Kratom

Happy Go Leafy White Vein Kratom is great for those with low energy levels. It offers a positive level of stimulation, unwinding relaxation, and comforting pain relief. Just like a nice and fresh coffee, the HGL White Vein Kratom freshens you and enhances your mood making itself a must have for those who enjoy a fast-paced lifestyle. 

Red Vein Kratom

Failures are inevitable but the stress associated with them is not. Happy Go Leafy Red Vein Kratom provides your mind, body, and soul with great energy, relaxation, and upliftment. It also reduces stress, pain, and anxiety significantly and enhances the quality of your life.

kratom leaves

Red Vein Kratom

Failures are inevitable but the stress associated with them is not. Happy Go Leafy Red Vein Kratom provides your mind, body, and soul with great energy, relaxation, and upliftment. It also reduces stress, pain, and anxiety significantly and enhances the quality of your life.

Kratom Buyers Guide: All you need to know​

Do you know what kratom is? Do you know what this amazing and unique herb can do for you? Well if you think that it is a new wellness kid on the block then you might want to keep reading.

In fact, it’s a transformation legend that has been in use for centuries but has started to gain popularity only in the last decade. Nowadays more and more brands are modernizing kratom to bring this wonder plant-based powder to the spotlight. And unfortunately, with this increase in number, the risk of coming across fake products and information has also increased. 

But don’t worry as at Happy Go Leafy we take special joy and pride in delivering you the most authentic kratom products and information on the planet. So whether you are already a kratom enthusiast and just want to get more out of it or a complete novice, consider yourself lucky as Happy Go Leafy has got your back.

What Is Kratom?
Kratom is a popular Asian plant that is now available to the masses for exploring its benefits. It’s famous for its energy-boosting and stimulating qualities and has been in use for centuries to have better productivity, energy levels, mood, etc. Kratom comes in many exciting forms such as capsules, powders, gummies and shots.  

Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is a tree in Southeast Asia that is used to make various wellness products. It contains many chemical compounds that have different effects on the body and mind.  

While Kratom hasn't been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, people use it for various wellness purposes.


Kratom can be swallowed directly as a raw plant matter, capsule, or used as a powdered form. It can also be mixed into food or drinks, brewed as tea, or taken as a liquid extract.


People who use kratom report increased energy, alertness, relaxation, and more. While the legal status of kratom in the US varies, there has been a rapid increase in its use and sellers in the past two decades.


Kratom is a tropical, evergreen tree found in various Asian regions such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Southeast Asia. The people living here have already been using some parts of the plant such as stem, leaves, veins, etc.


Kratom contains some active ingredients that give energizing and mood-boosting effects and also a lot of other organic health benefits. Although it's available in the US market in various forms, kratom leaves, extracts, and powders are preferred more by its enthusiasts.


While kratom can be chewed, smoked, or drank as a tea, there are several other ways to enjoy it such as: 

  • Kratom powders 
  • Kratom extracts 
  • Kratom capsules 
  • Whole or crushed kratom leaves 
  • Kratom gummies
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How to Buy Kratom?

Kratom is an interesting product but what good is it if you don’t know how and from where to buy it? As it’s an unregulated product, it’s important to be careful while buying it.


Just like you make sure that everything’s spot on when you buy a food item, it’s important to choose the right vendor for your kratom product, and know where it came from, its quality, and reliability.


Here are some valuable things to keep in mind when buying a kratom product:

Know its Background

If you are buying kratom Online for the first time then we would strongly recommend that you do a lot of research yourself. All herbal food and tea items go with different people differently so it’s extremely important to know how your kratom product might go with you.


Consider Different Strains

All kratom plants are different as they grow in different places and contain varying levels of alkaloids. Also, the final kratom products have different qualities because of the way the different kratom strains are harvested, processed, and dried.


Every kratom strain has a unique chemical makeup and effects so it’s only by trying them all you can determine which one is best for you.


Choose the Right Vendor

A kratom vendor is the one who bridges the gap between you and a great kratom product. So if you don’t pay attention to this step you might come across a bad kratom vendor who might take advantage of you by selling you untested and adulterated kratom.

So no matter what, always take your time choosing your kratom vendor and keep the following points in mind.


Make sure your kratom vendor:


  • Has open lab testing policies.
  • Follows Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Is a trusted kratom vendor.

Handling - Storing Kratom

Once you get your kratom product be it powder, leaves, or capsules, storing it properly is critical. If not done so, kratom might lose its effectiveness or become unusable.


Kratom should be stored in an airtight container away from sunlight. Also, it can be put in a tinted glass jar in your cupboard.


Kratom should also be kept dry and cool so if your kitchen gets too hot often, move it to a cooler closet or any other dark, cool location in your house.


Splitting your kratom supply is also a great idea. Keep your in-use stock at a convenient place whereas store the rest in a cool, dark place.

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Types of Kratom Products

Now let’s explore different kratom products and how they are used. We will be introducing some of our best-selling products in each category as you get more informed about kratom and its consumption methods.

Kratom Powder

Although the most preferred method to use kratom is through tea, the kratom powder can be mixed into a lot of food items such as salads, smoothies, drinks, etc. Moreover, they are easy to buy in bulk.

Using Kratom Powder

A lot of people prefer mixing kratom powder in their favorite beverages. Be it water, smoothie, or juice, it’s easy to enjoy your kratom serving in these liquids. As mentioned above, kratom goes best as a tea as other consumption methods are more complicated than that.


A great benefit of consuming kratom as tea is that a lot of excess plant matter is filtered out while brewing which if left unfiltered can cause adverse effects in some people.


  • Cheaper to buy in bulk
  • Easy to take
  • Versatile
  • Easy to store


  • A bit hard to measure
  • Can be messy

Kratom Shots

Another form of kratom that you can enjoy is a kratom shot. A kratom shot is a distilled liquid form of kratom that concentrates the amount of kratom in such a way that serving sizes are smaller while still having the same amount of alkaloids.


Kratom shots use a different kind of solvent to suspend the alkaloids. The alkaloids are extracted from the kratom while some shots also consist of other compounds from the kratom.

How to Use Kratom Shots

Kratom shots are very easy to consume directly through the mouth. They can also be mixed with other liquids.


  • Very easy to take.
  • Have high alkaloid content.
  • Give more results in less quantity.

Kratom Capsules

A kratom capsule is simply a medium of consuming kratom powder in a gelatin-based capsule. Either you can buy empty capsules and fill them with kratom powder or you can buy pre-made kratom capsules.


Although a lot of kratom enthusiasts make their kratom capsules so that they can save money, they have to invest a lot of their time in doing so.


  • Can be used easily
  • Save money
  • Are easy to store

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Why do People Use Kratom?
You already know that kratom is a South Asian botanical and can be bought online. Its primary alkaloid is mitragynine and poses a lower risk of respiratory depression and abuse than classical opioids.  

The major reasons why people use kratom are:

  • To boost energy.
  • To stay alert and positive.
  • To promote relaxation.
The Different Strains & Colors of Kratom

When you are all set to buy kratom products, you will come across many variations of the same such as kratom’s country of origin, their strains, colors, etc.


So naturally you might find yourself confused by a lot of questions such as, ‘What’s the difference between Malay and Green Bali kratom?, ‘Which one is better - White or Green kratom?’, ‘Should I go for all the strains right away?’, and so on.


But you don't have to worry about them as here at Happy Go Leafy, we will sort out this overwhelming situation for you.

Kratom Colors

Kratom comes in different colors such as:
  • Red Kratom
  • Green Kratom
  • White Kratom

These names refer to the color of the veins on the kratom leaves which often signifies the maturity of the leaves. Red is the most mature of them all, then comes green, and lastly white.


Not to forget that every color of kratom strain has varying amounts of alkaloids but it is not always related to the color.


Nowadays the color in kratom names is used to represent its harvesting time, processing, and for its marketing.

Kratom "Country" Names

Did you know that a lot of kratom strains include the name of a country in their strain name, but not all of those countries allow their kratom to be exported?  

While kratom export is banned in some regions, some properties of kratom leaves were discovered before the ban and even after the ban, some kratom varieties seemed to have a connection with those regions.  

As kratom made its way out of Asia towards an international industry, its dealers needed to figure out a way to differentiate the strains that they were dealing in. That is when the names came into existence.


So while ‘Malay’ kratom may not be necessarily made from Malaysian trees, it will always carry some characteristics from the country. The name is about labeling a strain for what it is and less about what the name means.

Buyer Beware

Just like we mentioned the kratom varieties based on locations above, there is a debate about whether or not the color of the kratom vein makes a difference in the final product.


In addition to their appearance, kratom enthusiasts can spot out the difference between color varieties that they regularly use. There’s a possibility that the processing and drying methods play a bigger role in the color of a kratom product than it is originally believed.


Lastly, each name signifies the plant, alkaloid composition, and processing methods for a specific kratom strain and it’s their unique names that separate these items.

Potential Benefits of Kratom

For hundreds of years, kratom has been praised for its benefits. While it is always subject to research, there are reports of its benefits such as:

Boosts Energy:

The most popular reason people use kratom is because of its stimulating effects. It is well known for its energizing qualities that motivate you to get more out of life. Most kratom users have reported enhanced vitality after taking kratom.


Although it is known for its soothing effects, it is also credited for better circulation of oxygenated blood and enlivening bursts of energy.

Promotes Calm

Kratom is also used for its calming properties. It’s unclear how it does it but the experts credit its hormone regulating and chemical balancing qualities that give a tranquil and centering effect to the users.

Boosts Mood

It’s a great idea to use kratom for its natural mood-enhancing properties. Those who are regular users of kratom report that it makes them feel more positive and energetic.


Kratom has alkaloids that balance emotions and support mood. The moment you ingest it, its active compounds work with receptors to lift your mood, energize, and reduce your stress.

Relaxes Body

Kratom is also clinical in soothing body tension, making you feel better physically. Plus, through interacting with the receptors in the body, it enhances the serotonin and dopamine levels, which automatically regulate several body functions.


Users report that these effects last for about 6 hours after consumption which induces a good night’s sleep.

How Does Kratom Work

Keeping in mind the several benefits kratom offers, it’s common for the users to think ‘How does Kratom Work’. Unfortunately, research on its functioning and its interaction with the body is still needed. Kratom acts on various receptors in the brain which makes the active compounds in it work to support better focus, mood, energy, and motivation.

What are Kratom Gummies?

Kratom gummies are a brand new and interesting way to enjoy kratom and its mood-boosting and soul-enhancing benefits. They are small chewy cubes with a delicious flavor that you will love.


In the past, kratom was consumed through chewing, smoking, and drinking. But as it has a naturally bitter taste, doing so wasn’t easy, especially through chewing.


With kratom gummies, you have a new, delicious, and convenient way to consume kratom without bearing the ultra-bitter taste of the kratom leaves.


Happy Go Leafy gummies have a balanced concentration of pure and potent kratom extract. They let you take an accurate amount of kratom quickly and enjoyably. You can also increase or decrease your servings by popping more gummies or cutting them into small sizes.

Why Happy Go Leafy Kratom Gummies?

There are countless kratom products on the market. So why should you go for Happy Go Leafy Kratom Gummies? Let’s take you through some awesome reasons to do so.


You can never go wrong with Happy Go Leafy Kratom Gummies if flavors are your thing. They come in several fruity and tropical variants that won’t just taste good but wow your taste buds. Happy Go Leafy Kratom Gummies are made with natural and sweet flavors that add a whole new dimension to your kratom experience. While the bitter taste won’t go away completely, the gummies’ sweetness will curb it to a great extent and make your kratom intake easier and more enjoyable.

Long lasting effects

Consuming kratom orally is good but the effects are slower than the other methods. This is because kratom (when taken orally) takes more time for digestion and absorption in the bloodstream. This slower process might be unattractive to some but it also makes the effects last longer than usual. Therefore Happy Go Leafy Kratom Gummies serve as one of the best mediums for oral consumption of kratom.


At Happy Go Leafy we make our kratom gummies with pure ingredients giving you a richer experience even in bite-sized cubes. They have about 15 mg of mitragynine which gives them powerful mood-lifting and invigorating qualities.

If you want to stay energetic throughout the day, then Happy Go Leafy Kratom Gummies are a must for you. On top of that, you can adjust your servings by increasing or cutting the gummies into small sizes as per your requirement.


Happy Go Leafy Kratom Gummies are portable and convenient. They come in sleek, resealable boxes that you can carry wherever you want. They take little space in your bag or suitcase and fulfill your kratom needs superbly.


Happy Go Leafy Kratom Gummies are incredible if you want to keep your kratom use secret. They look like just other wellness gummies which makes them indistinct to the outsiders and easy to take openly without any unwanted attention.


Taking kratom products requires care. Sometimes you might end up taking more than you want and you should, increasing the risk of the side-effects. But with Happy Go Leafy Kratom Gummies, you know exactly how much you are taking.


They have a balanced concentration of mitragynine without any need for measuring. Just decide how many gummies you want to pop and you are done.

Why are Happy Go Leafy Kratom Gummies the best?

We know that our gummies and other kratom products are the best. But we will advise you to take your time in finding the right kind of gummies for yourself to enjoy the best experience.


Please keep in mind that government agencies do not regulate this industry yet which makes finding a reputable and trustworthy brand more important and difficult.


But don’t worry as here we come into the picture. At Happy Go Leafy we deal only in high-quality kratom products and gummies.


All our products go through ultra-rigorous manufacturing and testing procedures so that you get the highest quality kratom and the best benefits out of them. People all over the USA have tried and loved our kratom gummies and products and you will too as:

Purity & Quality

Kratom is the essence of any kratom gummy. So we make sure that ours are made from 100% pure extract which gives them unmatched potency. We work closely with world-class kratom specialists who source kratom from the best plants at the best time.


Our kratom products have a strong alkaloid profile to give you the effects that you desire and deserve.

Premium & High-Quality Ingredients

All our kratom gummies and products contain natural food-grade ingredients and flavors. We keep things simple and focus on giving a kratom experience that is safe, high-quality, and effective.


We sprinkle the best and premium quality ingredients in our kratom gummies to give you an out-of-the-world experience in every bite.


Our gummies are soft, fresh, and delicious and you can find their complete ingredients list on our website.


All brands say that their products are the best. There’s nothing wrong about it. But here at Happy Go Leafy, we encourage you to not only believe our words but see the data for yourself.

All our kratom products and gummies are tested by third-party ISO-certified labs at which they undergo comprehensive testing for composition, purity, and potency.


So when you buy any of Happy Go Leafy’s products, be rest assured that they are 100% pure and contaminant free.


But despite all that, please feel free to check out the certificates of analysis on our website after buying our kratom products.

Taste Personified

Health benefits are good and one thing but sometimes it’s not enough. Enjoyment is also an important factor in sticking to any endeavor.

As raw kratom tastes bitter, we have made our kratom products and gummies with such delightful and natural flavors that your taste buds will find it hard to forget.

Factors to Consider When Buying Kratom Gummies

As a customer you should always be smart before buying anything, let alone buying kratom. You should make sure that you get the right value for your hard-earned money in exchange for the best kratom products and gummies.

However with so many brands out there, sometimes it becomes a challenge. But at Happy Go Leafy we are always one step ahead.


Here’s a list of some important factors that you mustn't ignore when you decide to buy a kratom product:


Clothes are something that may or may not be branded without any harm to anyone. But when buying a thing that will go inside your body, brand is something that you should take seriously.

The same is the case with kratom products and gummies where you should always prefer old and reputable brands that have a history of delivering high-quality products. You should do deep research about the credibility of the brand and the response its customers have given.

Third-party Lab Tested

Buying from brands that get their kratom products and gummies rigorously tested at third-party labs and the ones who have the necessary certificates is a great idea.


Make sure that your kratom product is made from 100% pure kratom extract that gives the safe and powerful results you are looking for.


Also don’t forget to consider the concentration of kratom in your kratom product as it varies in different types. Make sure you pick the right one according to your needs as it plays a huge role in giving you the desired results.
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Do’s & Don’t of Kratom


Start Slow as a Kratom Beginner

Probably the most important thing to keep in mind about kratom is starting slow. Kratom is a very powerful plant owing to its psychoactive alkaloid content. Taking it too much, in the beginning, might overwhelm your body and mind and cause an forgettable experience.
Every good brand will offer a serving guide on the back of the pack that is kind enough about the low tolerance levels of a newbie.

Make sure to Check Up on Your State’s Kratom Laws Before Buying

Kratom laws aren’t and can’t be the same in every state. Some have banned the plant altogether while some enjoy its trade. Also, some states prohibit the purchase of kratom under a certain age. Always make sure to be updated on your state’s kratom laws so that you can buy and enjoy it without any legal headache.

Do Your Research Beforehand

Becoming a kratom nerd before using it for the first time won’t hurt. Try to know everything about kratom - different strains, serving amounts, delivery methods, etc. so that you can have a crystal clear idea about how far you want to go with it.


There are tons of different kratom products in the market that have different effects on the body and mind. So learning about them as much as you can will prepare you in the best way about the what, how, and when about kratom.


Not to forget the possibility of an awesome and holistic kratom experience aligned with your expectations of the herb.

Keep Your Doctor Informed

Keeping your doctor informed about your kratom intake is also a great and sensible idea especially if you are taking a prescription medication. Your physician should always be aware of what you are putting in your body on a regular basis and also if you are experiencing any side effects because of the same.


Don’t Mix Kratom with Alcohol or any Drugs

Kratom interacts with certain substances in a similar way as opioids do. Mixing it with any substance that slows down breathing can prove to be dangerous for the central nervous system. Generally, if you are taking drugs of any kind, you should do some research about whether or not they interact adversely with kratom.

Keep Kratom Out of Reach of Children and Animals

Kratom should always be kept away from children and animals as it can damage their nervous system. Both children and pets can have quite severe reactions to kratom even in very low quantities. Even if there’s no law in your state regarding the age limit to buy kratom, it’s advisable to assume that it’s only for adults.

Don’t Buy Cheap Kratom

Kratom is not super expensive but still, there will be plenty of people who want to buy it at the cheapest price. Just be careful that if a certain brand is selling kratom at a price lower than the market average then there must be an insidious reason behind it.


It could be diluted, manufactured from low-quality ingredients, old, etc. With Happy Go Leafy, you deserve the high-quality kratom you pay for.

Don’t Use Kratom Excessively

There are a lot of people who take kratom solely for recreational purposes owing to its psychoactive properties. This is strictly not recommended as if you have a low tolerance to kratom, you will suffer from severe side effects from taking too much of it in a short span of time.

Is Kratom Legal?

Kratom is legal in the U.S. as there are no federal laws prohibiting its purchase, possession, or consumption. However, some states and municipalities have made laws regarding the possession and use of kratom so it's important to be aware of them before any decision.
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People Agree: Happy Go Leafy is the Best Place to Buy Kratom Online

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Meet our founder, John

Growing up in Fort Worth, Texas, I learned two things early on – the importance of hard work and the love of family. My name’s John McKinney, an Army Ranger who served in Desert Storm and a proud son of generations of ranchers. I’ve always been a man of action, whether it was being an offensive lineman in my high school football team or tending to our family ranch.

My story, though, took a turn when my father’s health began to decline. The Vietnam War had left him with scars that couldn’t be seen, nightmares that wouldn’t fade. It broke my heart to see him struggle every day, but it was his battle with pain that led us to a solution – kratom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mitragyna speciosa, commonly known as kratom, is a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia from the coffee family. Kratom plants can be found in the forests of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and Papa New Guinea.
All kratom imported to the United States comes from Indonesia. The leaves are harvested from mature trees, dried, and crushed. Kratom leaves have been used by the locals of Southeast Asia for centuries.

Yes! All of our products are tested in small batches by an accredited third-party lab. We test for heavy metals, contaminants, and adulterants. To ensure microbial safety we test for salmonella, e. coli and coliforms, yeast, mold, and aerobic plate count. Testing is also performed for Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury. We also provide a full-spectrum panel of 9 different alkaloids. All lab tests are available upon request, just email in!

We ship within the United States, EXCEPT to the following states, cities and counties in the US where Kratom is banned: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, Sarasota County, FL, Union County, MS, San Diego, CA, Jerseyville, IL, Oceanside, CA, and Ontario, OR.


All orders placed before 2 pm est are shipped the same day! We do everything in our power to make sure your package ships quickly from our warehouse. Every order comes with tracking information sent to your email. Once USPS picks it up, we expect them to do their part in delivering your package in a timely manner. USPS First Class typically takes 4-7 days, and USPS Priority usually takes 3-5 days (excluding Sundays and Federal Holidays) to arrive. If you have any concerns over your order, send us an email!

We come out with promotions every week, including deals on Kratom for sale! Make sure you are subscribed to our email list!

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