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BATCH # 0002801

Check out the Certificates of Analysis (CoA) for the third-party lab tests that were performed on this batch! Ensuring the highest quality standards for our kratom products.

How to read and understand our COAs



Microbiology Limits are set in accordance with the AHPA Recommended Microbial Limits for Botanical Ingredients measured in Colony Forming Units (cfu/g)

The specifications for Microbiology limits on COAs are the exact recommended limits set by the AHPA

Total Aerobic Plate Count – 10,000,000 CFU per gram

Total Yeast & Mold – 100,000 CFU per gram

Total Coliforms – 10,000 CFU per gram

E.Coli – Not Detected in 10 grams

Salmonella – Not Detected in 25 grams

NMT= No More Than


Heavy Metal Testing

We use the NSF Permissible Daily Exposure Limits for Dietary Supplements to set their heavy metal specifications.

Unlike the Microbiology limits which are already set per gram, the Heavy Metal PDE Limits are set by the NSF and USP in mcg/day. Those Limits are as follows:

 Lead: 10 mcg/day

Cadmium: 4.1 mcg/day

Arsenic: 10 mcg/day

Mercury: 2 mcg/day

Nickel: 200 mcg/day

 Our serving size for Kratom is 2.4g and our recommended use is no more than 2 servings per day. However, we understand that all Kratom customers are different and some have a higher tolerance than others. In an effort to keep our limits within the recommended guidelines and keep our customers as safe as possible, we set our specifications based on 4 servings or 9.6g of Kratom per day. Except for Lead which we base on 3 servings per day. Although we rarely ever see lead testing above the limit, lead has tested higher then other metals in the past, but at the limit of 1.25 mcg/g limit, a customer could consumer 3 servings per day (testing at the absolute highest allowable result, which rarely happens) and would still be consuming less than the daily permissible exposure of lead set by the NSF.  For all other metals a customer could take four servings (double the daily recommended use) of powder that tested at the absolute highest limit and still consume less than the daily permissible exposure set by NSF and USP With that information, here are our Heavy Metal Specifications

Lead: 1.25 mcg/g

Cadmium: 0.4 mcg

Arsenic: 1 mcg/g

Mercury: 0.2mcg/g 

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