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Own your Day by Starting it with these 5 Awesome Teas in 2024

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-_5 Awesome Teas to Try in 2024

Tea is one of the most consumed and loved beverages around the world, but most people don’t realize the huge variety of teas they are still missing out on. You must go a little outside the box if you want to take your brewing routine to the next level.

These beverages, also called tisanes, aren’t exactly made from tea but are brewed in a similar manner. To new Kratom users, Kratom tea is one of the most preferred botanical teas but not the only one.

Today, we will take you through five unique and exciting herbal infusions, including Kratom tea, that people relish as a plant-based addition to their routines. Here they are.


The first one on our list is Ayahuasca. It is an energizing tea that is made solely for its energizing and focus-enhancing effects. While ayahuasca is legal in the U.S., consuming its active ingredient, DMT, is unlawful.

It’s important to gain knowledge about this botanical tea to understand why it is used, where it is used, and what its history is.

Traditionally Ayahuasca tea is brewed from the leaves and vines of certain plants. It has been used in the past by Amazonian tribes and religious communities in parts of Central, North, and South America.

The tea was used in ceremonies to expand the mind and experience parts of the traditional Amazonian culture.

However, it is recommended that it is only consumed under the supervision of an experienced shaman.

Maté Teas

While maté teas are becoming popular in the U.S. there are many regions of South America where it has been a common drink. Maté is a caffeine-rich drink made by soaking and infusing specific dried leaves in water (just like a typical tea).

Yerba maté, which you may not have heard of before, is a special type of maté preparation. The herbs are ground into a rough powder before they are soaked in hot water to make maté.

Usually, maté is served in a gourd that may be unique to those who are living outside of South America. Yerba maté is very rich in beneficial compounds, making itself an energy-boosting and focus-enhancing drink

Kratom Tea

How can a list of the best teas be complete without a kratom tea? Kratom tea, brewed from the Kratom trees’ leaves, is a popular botanic drink in North America.

The Kratom plant originates in Southeast Asia, and Kratom tea has been consumed traditionally there for centuries.

Kratom can be enjoyed in various ways, but Kratom tea is probably the most exciting and relaxing to take. Plus, it’s so easy to prepare. Kratom tea can be made hot and drunk with honey, brewed cold to be mixed with juices or other drinks, or it can be made and drunk as is.

Most people like to add honey to make sure that the natural bitterness of Kratom is managed easily. Kratom tea allows the natural alkaloids of Kratom to be activated in the brewing process to create an awesome final product.


Yaupon tea is one of the few teas that grows organically in North America, and yet, it is one of the drinks that most people in the U.S. are not familiar with. Yaupon grows everywhere from North Carolina to Texas but isn’t technically produced from a tea plant.

Most of the “teas” that we have talked about today do not come from tea plants. Instead, they are teas because they are infused from natural botanical products that make a tea-like beverage.

Yaupon is a regional specialty, and it has been consumed conventionally in Native American culture. Yaupon is produced from a type of holly that grows in sandy soil areas.

The tea is brewed solely from the leaves of the plant; the holly berries are removed because they are poisonous.

Yaupon is an earthy tea with a herbal taste. The exact flavor depends on how many leaves are used when making the tea but is similar in several ways to yerba mate or green tea.

Yaupon is subtly caffeinated, so it is an awesome morning pick-me-up for those who want something cooler than coffee.

Ginger Tea

Who doesn’t love ginger tea! It is an infusion made from dried ginger pieces that are steeped in hot water to make a simmering, delicious drink that can sort many ailments. For this reason, it has been consumed since centuries to provide relief from various symptoms.

Ginger adds a subtle kick to the earthiness of this herbal tea, making a great concoction. If drinking ginger tea is not your cup of tea, you can take ginger supplements to experience similar results to alleviate nausea.

However, ginger tea is a better alternative to manage coughs and colds. Ginger is also a great ingredient to add to various traditional teas and herbal teas. You can make awesome tea blends just by adding some ginger to the mix. You will be astonished at the results.

Quality Products Make Quality Teas

Doesn’t matter what type of tea you want to sip, it’s important that you do it with high-quality botanicals that are made from safe, tested ingredients.

When it comes to Kratom, we are proud to offer excellent quality Kratom products such as Kratom powder, extracts, gummies, and capsules which all are made in a high-tech facility.

If you are ready to start your Kratom journey, put your faith in Happy Go Leafy, and you won’t look back.

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